Folded Book Art for Teens & Adults

Join us Wednesday April 10th 7-9pm for an introduction to the world of folded book art.  Well worn and loved books can be repurposed into beautiful works of art! Who know THAT was a thing?  It’s awesome and relaxing.

In this class we will look at a few examples of cool folded book art works, talk about techniques for folding,  and discuss the types of patterns and how to use them. Then we will attempt a simple heart design from books we have culled from our collection.  No special skills necessary, just patience and 2 hands willing to fold pages.  Lots of pages.  This does require some concentration and a slight finickiness for folding, so not really suitable for younger patrons.  (We are working on a class for them really soon though)

A great activity for sitting and chatting while making.  If there is sufficient interest, we may host other classes that build on skills learned here to create more complex designs.

Class size is limited to 10 people, so PLEASE SIGN UP at the library or call 518-648-5444!  We will collect names for a wait list if we can’t fit everyone in the first class.

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