Contactless Curbside Service

Due to the community-spread rise in COVID-19 cases in Hamilton County, the Library Board of Directors has decided to resume contactless porch side pick up effective Wednesday November 18th. We have decided to take this route out of an abundance of caution to keep staff and our community safe. Library staff will be able to fulfill orders for materials and deliver them to patrons outside on its porch.

How this works:

  1. Call the library (518)648-5444, or visit our online catalog to request materials by clicking here:
  2. Once materials are found, the library staff will call you back to arrange a pickup time. Please have the following information available so staff can properly match your order to you:
    • The license plate of the car that will pick up
    • The name of the person doing the pick up
    • The library card number of the patron checking out materials
  3. When you arrive at the library, park in the spaces facing the new front door opening so we can see you have arrived. Please stay in your car.
  4. Call the library when you arrive (if you don’t have a phone, we will look for your license plate number when you are due to arrive)
  5. A staff member will bring your bag of goodies out and place it on the delivery table or bench.
  6. You can retrieve your bag once the staff member has re-entered the library.


Q: What are the call in request hours for contactless curbside service?

A: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 10-6 pm. Tuesdays & Thursdays 10-6. Saturdays 10-1.

Q: What are the hours for contactless pickups?

A: Mondays through Fridays 11 am until 5 pm. Saturdays 10:30 am until 1:30 pm.

Q: Can I return my borrowed materials to the staff bringing my bag?

A: No, we greatly appreciate you placing your materials in the book return. Books are taken out of the return in the morning and quarantined for 96 hours as per our library system’s guidelines to ensure any virus is no longer viable before items are checked in.

Q: Can I bring item donations when I pick up my stuff?

A: At this time no. The Friends of the Library greatly appreciate your generosity but do not have room or staffing at present to handle donations.

Q: Can I just order books when I get to the library and wait?

A: No, please do not do this or have “add-ons” when you arrive. In compliance with Executive Orders, our workforce is reduced, and it takes time to compile orders, assemble them, and schedule patrons for pick ups.

Q: Can I pay fines or fees while I pick up?

A: No, please wait to pay for fines or lost items until the library building is accessible by public. You may pay by mail: Indian Lake Library, PO Box 778, Indian Lake NY, 12842 (Our library doesn’t charge late fees, but if your account has excessive lost fees, or late fees with a member library, there may be a block to your account. We will work with you to fix this, by phone.)

Q: Can I renew items when I get my pick up?

A: No, please call us or renew online. The point is to minimize contact between staff members and patrons in the interest of safety. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we slowly and safely resume serving our community.

Q: How many things can I borrow?

A: Adults/Young Adults may borrow up to 20 books and/or audio books (combined) per borrower. Video limits are 4 per household. Up to 20 children’s books may be borrowed at a time.