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What’s going on with the Writers Group?

Writers’ Group Newsletter    Bradley   October, 2017

As we come to a year’s close this month, we did not know what to expect as far as attendance.  Many of our wonderful and committed writers have been unable to attend many meetings, although when they do, we are thrilled by their attendance and their accomplishments.  This is why we made the command decision to close out the year this month.  November and December are always difficult and the winter months create many challenges from those who travel south to warmer climates and to those who find the Indian Lake weather challenging.  And, to top it all off, our very dependable, Jim and Natalie, found themselves down with nasty colds and decided to stay at home.  So, how nice to see that we had four active writers and myself.  Put together even a small group of writers and we can always have a grand time listening, commenting, and sharing our ideas and reactions.

Joyce shared a delightful piece which she composed and recently read at her granddaughter’s wedding. “Elissa’s Wedding Reading” combined a synopsis of  Elissa’s life from childhood to her now entrance into marriage, and reflected the years of close family ties into which her new husband will be happily welcomed.

Jim K. has been working hard on developing and expanding a novel he originally titled, “The Big Black Bulging Beast”.  Last month he read a new entry he referred to as Harry’s Mafia Connection.  Now, Jim added additional information extending another section of his story when Harry’s son, Hans relives an incident in his life which suddenly cracks open his knowledge of what his father has been involved in.  This novel has continued to expand as if the characters in this story have truly come alive in Jim’s mind.

Bob read his short novel named “Enzo”, who has also come alive in Bob’s mind as he connects this main character to the neighborhood in which Bob grew up.  Enzo’s life seems to be crumbling around him with no hope until one late evening while sitting in a chair by the window he notices some strange activities in the alleyway.  This leads to a possible answer to his life’s problems.  All he needs to do is figure out how to evade being caught in a web of what he assumes is a mafia drug swap.

Debbie has continued to work on her novel, “The Manipulator” which is based on the many tales of her father’s life shared with his daughter.  Her technique uses conversation to set the tone of the time when her father, as a young man, was resisting his parents’ suggestion that they move to a farm.  Debbie was raised on this farm and will use her practical experience to enhance her father’s true story.

So, I wish one and all a winter filled with perhaps hours of thinking and writing. We hope to meet again in late spring.  I will share our reentry into the world of writing in March.  Until then, let us hope for health and good winter cheer!