Straw Bale Garden Instructions

Despite the cool temps, garden season is around the corner! We’ve been teaching classes about straw bale gardening at the library for a couple years each spring, but Covid-19 has caused us to adjust our strategy…

With the filming and editing skills of the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts, we produced a how-to video about starting a straw bale garden. It is part of their online ALCA-Seltzer Series to deliver virtual programming to our community. Many thanks to the ALCA crew for making this happen!

Straw bale gardening (SBG) has many benefits over traditional gardening, The video below gives an idea of what you’d be getting into. I’m not a professional presenter (that will become VERY apparent soon), so please ignore my bloopers and general awkwardness. The pandemic is taking us all out of our comfort zones…

The link below is a PDF for step-by-step Straw Bale Garden instructions, so don’t worry about taking notes during the video.

If you have any questions about the instructions, send questions to:

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