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Current Hours : Mon.12-6 Tue. 10-4 Wed.12-6 Thu. 10-4 Fri. 12-6 Sat. 10-1 See "Contactless Curbside Service" for pick up hours. Sundays & Holidays Closed

Phone & Fax: (518) 648-5444 24/7 Wifi Inside & Out, Verizon Cell Service too!

We can print and fax your documents for pick up--Call us for details

Limited Reopening to Patrons!

We are pleased to let our community know that the library is going to open for limited browsing and computer use beginning Monday September 21st.

What does that mean? How will it work?

This is a long post with a lot of info, so take a deep breath, settle in, and hopefully this post has the answers you need.

Because we are practicing social distancing and are limiting the number of people in the library building at once, we’ve come up with a plan to minimize risk and provide you the materials and services you need. We also are doing lots of cleaning throughout the day, and need to maintain a schedule to allow for that to continue.

will allow 2 patrons at a time 30 minutes at the 2 available computer stations. Between appointments staff will have 10 minutes to sanitize the stations for the next patrons. Computer appointments are available Mondays through Fridays.

MON/WED/FRI computer appointments are 2 – 5 pm

TUE/THU computer appointments are 12 – 3 pm.

BROWSING/BORROWING APPOINTMENTS will allow patrons 20 minutes to look for and borrow materials, with 3 browsers at a time a time per appointment. Browsing appointments are available Mondays through Saturdays.

MON/WED/FRI browsing appointments are 2 – 5 pm

TUE/THU browsing appointments are 12 – 3 pm

SATURDAY browsing appointments are 10:30 – 12 pm


  1. Call us starting today to book an appointment. Our number is 518-648-5444. Phones will be answered during regular hours that staff is in the building. Remember the start date for appointments is Monday September 21st. Find our hours here: https://indianlake.sals.edu/
  2. Until the construction to our front entrance is complete, patrons will enter the library by the emergency exit on the south side of the building across from the senior meal site.
  3. Please DO NOT bring returns into the library with you. Place returns in the old book deposit, also located on the south side of the building, right next to our temporary entrance.
  4. We ask that you respect a 6-foot distance between yourself and others waiting to enter the library, unless they are your family.
  5. As part of our library’s Pandemic Safety Plan, The Library Board of Trustees added this to the library’s code of conduct: Everyone who enters the library must where a facial mask that covers the nose and mouth.
  6. Upon entering, we ask that you use the available hand sanitizer near the entrance prior to handling materials.
  7. While in the library please do your best to maintain social distance between yourself and others.

Can I just show up and enter the library to browse or use the computer?

A: Nope, sorry. Unless there is an open appointment, and you’ll have to call us first to find out. You will only be able to stay for the length of time left for that appointment spot so the next scheduled patron can enter. (In other words, if you call from the parking lot and ask to use the computer, and there’s 15 minutes left for a computer appointment, and a machine is available…YES you may come in and use it for that last 15 minutes.)

Q: If I finish on the computer before my 30 minutes are up, can I go browse and borrow materials?

A: That will depend on how many other browsers are in the building and where they are. Remember, we are trying to maintain social distance.

Q: Will contactless curbside service continue so I don’t have to come into the library?

A: Absolutely! Curbside will carry on as it has for the last few months. Once our foyer construction project is finished, it’ll morph into porch side service! Click here to find out more about curbside service: https://indianlake.sals.edu/contactless-curbside-service/ Click here to access our online catalog to find books, movies, and audios to request: https://pac.sals.edu/polaris/default.aspx?ctx=56.1033.0.0.3

Q: Can I still access digital material from the library website?

A: Yes, there is lot of digital content available through the Southern Adirondack Library On-Demand, click here to explore: https://salon.overdrive.com/

Q: While in the library may I get copies, faxes, printing, or scans done?

A: Absolutely! We ask that you allow staff to work the machines for you, but all of those services are available. We also continue to have remote printing services—you can email docs to our printer and schedule a time to pick them up. Email your print job to this address: printind@hpeprint.com. Call to let us know you’ve sent something and to schedule a pick up time.

Q: May I bring my kids to the library to play?

A: Sadly, no, not yet. We truly miss having the young ones at the library to explore play and participate in activities and story times. All the puppets, toys, puzzles, and Legos are hibernating and awaiting that great day when they can come out and play again. We will begin more online programming and activity kits for kids starting in October, visit our calendar for details: https://indianlake.sals.edu/calendar/

Q: May I bring my kids to the library to pick out books, movies, or audios?

A: That’s your call. We recommend that if your child is very young, and apt to get upset about the lack of toys, maybe you should come alone and browse for materials for them. If your kids are ok with just browsing and not playing, then they are welcome to accompany you and browse. They also will be required to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer before handling materials.

Q: Is the Bag o’ Books pick up program still available for kids?

A: It is, and we LOVE to fill up a bag of fun book treasures for your kids to borrow! Click here for more information: https://indianlake.sals.edu/contactless-curbside-service/bag-o-books/

Q: Your entrance is still under construction; how do I get into the library for my appointment?

A: The south side of the building, across from senior meal site. Please don’t park there; it’s technically a one-way street.

Q: Can I bring my returns into the library?

A: No, please use the book drop next to the door. We quarantine all returns at least 96 hours prior to checking them in so just put them in the box.

Q: Are the Friends of the Library accepting book donations yet? What about the library?

A: Sorry, no for Friends. No for the library. We’ll keep you posted when that changes. Our buildings do not have the room to accommodate donations and the quarantining they require.

Q: Why are the hours for appointments so limited?

A: A lot goes on behind the scenes at the library. Staff prepares curbside orders, processes inter-library loans, answers phones, re-shelves materials, processes new materials, and plans programs to name a few. Now staff is spending a lot of additional time cleaning and sanitizing throughout each work day. Our safety plan has a very specific protocol we must follow, so we need to schedule our time to allow for the extra activity.

This is just the start of our welcoming patrons back into the building, we hope to expand hours in future, but a conservative start is best in order to avoid having to backtrack.

We want to thank you all, our patient patrons, for understanding our measured approach to reintroducing our services to the community. We look forward to the time when we can get back to a more normal way of life, and can welcome everyone back into the library to hang out, visit, and attend programs. We’re likely a long way from that today, but with cooperation, caring, and patience we can all get through this challenge and come out the other side as a stronger community.

If you have questions about this post, please email: ind-director@sals.edu