Butterfly Fever!

With thanks to Daisy and Elsa, our library has become a mini Monarch hatchery of late. We’ve had 9 caterpillars raised so far, and 3 of them have hatched out of their chrysalids. There’s one still in its “J” position about to form a chysalis. We will be releasing more as they emerge, so stop by if you’d like to have a look-see, or would like to help us let one fly free.  The transformation from milkweed devouring caterpillar to graceful butterfly has been captivating to all of us here, and we’d love to share the joy.

631372 / Pixabay

Free Grant-Writing Seminar

Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts is offering a free seminar on applying for decentralization grants. This seminar is for artists, community groups, cultural organizations, teaching artists, and public school teachers who are interested in sponsoring arts-related activities (performing, literary, visual artists, etc) in the Quad-County region of Clinton, Essex, Franklin, and Hamilton Counties. Preregistration is required, please contact Chelsea Provost at Chelsea@adirondackarts.org, or call her 518-352-7715.  In order to apply for a decentralization grant through the Adirondack Lake Center for the Arts, applicants need to attend one of these seminars.

The seminar takes place at the Indian Lake Library, Saturday August 11, 10am to 11am.

500 Million Years of Climate Change

A talk about Paleoclimatology presented by C. Wesley Dingman
We will discuss weather vs. climate, what’s known about past climates, and the science behind those discoveries.  What are the driving forces behind climate change and what does the future hold?
An important and timely topic; please join us.

At the Indian Lake Public Library, Monday August 6th, 7-8pm

Lego Night at the Library

Join us Monday nights through August for LEGO night at the library.  It’s a great opportunity for cooperative play, and for families to visit before this long, hot summer ends.

Books & Baked Goods, & Worms…Oh My!

Saturday 11 to 1 Squirmy Wormy Vermicomposting How-To’s! Learn amazing facts about red worms and learn how you can compost at home harnessing worm power! Win a worm bin of your own! Enjoy some “Dirt” Pudding!

While you are at the library anyway, visit town hall and the Friends of the Library Book & Bake Sale 10 to 2:30, both Saturday & Sunday!

Kid’s Summer Reading Update

For those of you who’ve signed up for the Summer Reading Program, we need to do a reschedule due to a rainy forecast.  This week’s “libraries Rock” them was Rock & Roll. We were to read about the most famous rock concert ever, and then do some tie-dyed t-shirts.  We will change the date for these activities to Wednesday August 8th.  This Wednesday instead we will exlplore “Fossils: Rocks that Tell Stories”.  Sorry for the switch, but the tie-dying must be done outside, hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate with us in a couple weeks.  Thanks for understanding and being flexible summer readers!

GDJ / Pixabay

Squirmy, Wormy Vermicompost How-To’s

Learn fun & fascinating worm facts and info on how you can start a worm compost system for your own home. Using worms to compost your kitchen waste is a great way to help the environment and your garden. It’s a fun activity that kids love to help with too. One lucky attendee will win a compost bin to take home for their own; detailed handouts will be provided. Worm themed refreshments will be served too. Join use Saturday July 28 at the library from 11am to 1pm.


Bats: The Misunderstood, the Important, the Cute

Caitlin Stewart, Educator with the Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District will present a talk about BATS and their essential role in the ecosystem. Join us to learn remarkable facts about this truly amazing mammal.  While the talk is happening, Miss Susan will entertain the kid’s with some bat stories, and a batty craft project.  Join us Monday July 23rd at 7pm.